It hurts me to know you’re not doing well.

I am not doing well at all.

My ex

used to tell me I was fat

every day.


for being so


The hurt

It’s not how he could hurt you in the first place, it’s how many times you let him.


“It’s just a gut feeling.”

“How long have you been having this gut feeling?”

“Since we met.”

The shower is the only place I can cry without anyone hearing.

A million of my tears just washed down the drain.

“Gut feeling.”

The move

I cried myself to sleep last night beside him because I’m moving on… 

without you. 

The end of a chapter that tore my heart in half and left me out to bleed. 

Dark heart 

He’s so angry. Everything about him is dark at heart and filled with such rage. It’s ironic that even though he’s filled with that much anger there’s such a large, gaping void inside. I hope one day it will heal so that light and love can get in.

Can’t you see…your anger is killing me?