When did I become the cheater?

I hurt the one who loved me the most out of anyone so far.



Don’t hurt me anymore.

I am already


By a thread.

Choose the one

Who won’t abandon you

Who loves you even if you’re sick

The one who treats you like a queen

Who honours your faith and decisions

The one who makes you grow

Not die inside a little each time

The heart can only rebreak so many times

Until it’s severed in two

My ex

used to tell me I was fat

every day.


for being so


The hurt

It’s not how he could hurt you in the first place, it’s how many times you let him.


He said, “see this is why we can’t be together. You’re too emotional.”

“I don’t think I’m too anything.”

You are never too anything. You are more than enough and more perfect than you’ll ever know. It’s him who isn’t quite enough. Trust me.